♀ ≋ ⅚ ➍ 었 ℨ

♀: Tell me something that turns you on. 

Men with high cheekbones, long hair and facial hair. 

≋: Post a picture of yourself. 

excuse my ugly.

➍: Ever been to a concert? Was it fun? 

Tokio Hotel was my first concert and I loved it. 

었: Any tattoos? 

No, but I plan on getting one! I also want to become a tatto artist. 

ℨ: If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go? 

I would visit my friends who live outside of Norway.

  1. die-wilde-jagd said: Shush. You’re so pretty, and your eyes are just fucking gorgeous. And friends outside of Norway? Such as?
  2. the-ripper-victim said: You’re cute :D
  3. tupacsharkwhore said: i love your face. *le face touch
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