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everyone should check out her art cause dayumn girl those are some fine ass lions

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You are my Arkenstone <3 (pass this on to your fav. blogs)

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dwarfkilis follo 5eva!!! basically ily all and u are all the best hobbits and dwarves i’ve come across so hav fun searching ur name! xoxo gossip kili

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I love it! It looks awesome!! And you’re beautiful, so I shall not excuse your face! xD
ahhh why so pretty also wow looks awesome!

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Art trade with TranslucentRainbow over at DeviantART! Her character Carnac.



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i LOVE this video, his voice, EVERYTHING!!

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Tesla found himself staring at the young girl with actual concern; it almost scared him a bit. Why would he of all people feel concern for a stranger? He sighed, fixed his suit so he would look representable and walked towards the girl. She was sitting on one of the stone benches in the great hall, her hair was long and blue and she was dressed in black clothes. “Excuse me, is everything alright?” he asked as polite as he could. The girl jumped by the sound of his voice and she looked up at him. Her eyes were watery and it looked like she had been crying for a while. “W—what?” she asked and dried her face with her sleeve. “Is everything alright?” Tesla repeated his question, “A beautiful girl like you should not be sitting here alone, and should definitely not be crying” he said and gave her a smile to cheer her up.

The girl smiled a weak smile, “I’m just… so tired and I don’t know what to do anymore” she sobbed and hid her face in her hands. Tesla placed a hand on her shoulder “Care to tell your name then?” he asked and tried to get her attention. “My name is Pia” she said and looked at him “Pia? That’s a pretty name! I knew a girl once, with that name! I was quite fond of that girl, I tell you. I am Nikola Tesla, or Doctor Nikola Tesla. But you, my dear, you can just call me Tesla” he said and helped the girl on her feet. She smiled at him “It’s nice to meet you!”.

Tesla walked with the girl for a while, they talked and he would tell her all the amazing things he had discovered and he really did enjoy talking about himself, since the girl didn’t seem to mind. She smiled at him and she just really enjoyed the man’s company. When they reached the end of the hall, Tesla turned to look at Pia and smiled “Would you like to come with me home? I live at a place called The Sanctuary, I bet you would love it there! It could help you with your problems”. Pia looked rather surprised at him and blushed a bit “It’s fine, Tesla, but thank you anyway” she answered. Tesla noticed that the girl was sad and he had no intention of leaving the girl like that “Well, Pia Dear, how about I kiss you and make everything better?” he said and gave her a cheeky grin “You won’t regret it”.

So yeah, this is my stupid attempt at trying to cheer @highlydeestractive up. Sorry that I fail at everything 8c especially writing

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